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Fire Rated Shutters

The vertical, electrically operated SeceuroFire Flame Shutter is designed to be an everyday security barrier and to be closed automatically during an emergency situation. If a fire alarm signals, the SeceuroFire Flame Shutter will shut to create a fire resistance barrier.

Available in three integrity ratings – Flame Shutter 60, 120 or 240 – that provide one, two and three hours fire protection, the SeceuroFire Flame Shutter is fully compliant under British fire resistance standards.

Fire Product Roller
Fire Product Roller

Fire Curtains

The SecuroFire Flame Curtain is automatically activated when a fire alarm sounds or in the event of a power failure, and is invisible when not in use; the perfect solution for safety that doesn’t affect the style of your building.

Providing one, two and four hour internal protection, the Flame Curtain divides up large open spaces to stop the spread of fire and contain it for a safe escape route. The SeceuroFire Flame Curtain is approved under British fire resistance standards.

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