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For homeowners who are style-conscious as well as security conscious, we offer SeceuroGlide sectional garage doors in a range of designs and finishes. Whatever your location’s aesthetic, you can customise these products to suit – and they offer fantastic security into the bargain.

Benefits of SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors


These doors are also excellent if space is at a premium, either due to a compact garage or a large saloon car. They rise vertically, so your vehicle can be parked very close to the door without issues. If your garage has a low roof, you may need the 60mm rear-mount version.


The door itself is made of 40mm thick insulated steel panels. This makes for a robust door which also retains much more heat than other market choices – and which limits the chance of the door suffering damage in extreme winds. The doors have integral anti-finger traps, keeping you and your family from risk of accidental injury.

Made to Measure as Standard

All SeceuroGlide sectional garage doors are made to measure, providing a perfect seal. This is important on three counts – security, heat retention, and weather protection.

They’re all available with a remote control option, increasing the ease of operation when entering the garage.


SeceuroGlide offer these doors in three main options – Compact, Plus, and Elite. Which of these is best for you will depend on several factors including your location, your building, and your budget.

The variety of available designs and finishes include a wide range of colours. Anthracite is one of the most popular, but burgundy, duck egg blue, and many more are on offer, including the traditional black and white options!

We’re happy to discuss what you need and to discuss ordering, installation, and more. We take your security seriously, and we’re happy to arrange for regular servicing right from the off. But to choose which option is best, please contact us. We’ll listen to your concerns, ask the important questions about the garage in question, and help you make the choices you need. We’re even happy to help you settle on colours and finishes if you’re not sure!

Duratec Security Solutions is focused on making it as easy as possible for you to improve your security.

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More information on the SeceuroGlide range, including available colour options, here.