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Fire Shutter Installation

Fire Shutter Installation.

October 03, 2016 - duratec - in category News

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This week we visited our old primary school to install a safety solution in the case of fire within their food canteen.

To do this we installed a 1 hour fire shutter, this is a vertical shutter, designed to be an everyday security barrier and is fully compliant under British fire resistance standards.

If a fire alarm signals, the purpose of the Flame Shutter is to close, and create a fire resistance barrier in an emergency situation.

They requested that it was produced in their school color’s and the match was brilliant, showing off just how well a shutter can link into your business or property.

If this has inspired the designer within you, visit our fire product page  for more information.

Or you can  call us on 01524 771578 to discuss your requirements

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